Old Victoria Soap Co.

Dishwashers, Bar Machines, On Premise Laundry Units, Chemical Products and Services.

About Old Victoria Soap Company Limited

Old Victoria Soap Company LimitedOld Victoria Soap Company Limited can offer superior service and a proactive on-site inspection of your dishwashing, glass washers, and on premise laundries, on a regular basis.

This will provide you with worry free service - We believe in fixing a concern before it becomes a panic situation, thereby virtually eliminating the need for emergency calls.
Our products are manufactured to meet the highest standards in the industry today. This means that all our products will be run at the very leanest mixtures and still provide you with sparkling clean dishes.

This, combined with our pricing structure, will offer you a cost effective solution now and in the foreseeable future.

We look forward to earning your business and providing you with the products and service needed to run a successful business.